Is there something neurologically wrong with The Atlantic?


That soft spot in my heart for The Atlantic must insist a reluctant indifference from its dreadfully awful decision to ask certain questions, such as it does in an article it published Wednesday, ‘Is there something neurologically wrong with Donald Trump?’ I might as well underscore a refusal to indulge The Atlantic article is an exercise in civic responsibility. Only so much should be tolerated.

Instead turning to what might be done in the way of attenuating damage, two paths must necessarily be presented. The first, expelling the Trump scandal from power, will be appropriated by intellectual elites and grassroots institutions, and will require a coercive propaganda premised on philanthropy, sex, arts, and sciences. The second is a transmoral demand for the pre-eminence of mind over finance, as the Swagger Administration devalued the currency of fraud by purchasing financial opinions of fraudulent institutions, which has loosened the madnesses of money and encrypted a history.

Support the arts.


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